Community Service Trips in Vietnam

Community Service Trips in Vietnam For International Students

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Participate in community service trips in Vietnam and experience life changing forever

Community service projects are inspiring and encouraging international students to become more globally aware by sending them to live and work in rural parts of Vietnam.

Vietnam is the place to go for overseas community service trips thanks to the country’s rich history, cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals, according to Viet Holiday Travel, a local tour operator.

The country’s economy is expanding, and it has recently emerged as one of the safest destinations in the region, the company added. However, there are still remote areas in Vietnam that lack basic facilities such as water tanks, bridges, toilets and schools. Participants who take on the challenge of these community service trips can make a real difference.‘s signature trips, Vietnam School Tours, involve a series of charity and community activities to help poor people living in rural areas, and are designed mainly to enhance students’ sense of social responsibility.

This is a great opportunity for oversea students to broaden their networks, make new friends and improve their communication skills. By working closely with local people, students can experience a taste of Vietnam’s cultural diversity, and learn more about what makes this country so special.

Community Service Trips in Vietnam


In short, whether it lasts one day or ten days, it is going to be the trip of a lifetime for any students willing to take on the challenge.

As a local expert in organizing school tours in Vietnam, Viet Holiday Travel encourages senior high school students to take part in community activities such as trade exhibitions and food fairs to finance their trips. Viet Holiday Travel also offers Vietnam package tours that can be customized based on traveller’s touring needs and budgets.

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