Cu Lao Cham Islands

Cu Lao Cham Island, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Cu Lao Cham Islands constitute a group of 8 small islands of Quang Nam, which form a part of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, a world Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO, in South China Sea in Vietnam. The islands are approachable from Cua Dại beach. The islands are also recognized as Vietnam’s national scenic site.
The islands grouped under the Cham Islands are: the Hon Lao (Pearl), Hon Dai (long), Hon Mo (tomb), Hon Kho mẹ, Hon Kho con (dry), Hon La (leaf), Hon Tai (ear) and Hon Ong (east wind). The Cham Islands are under the administration of Tan Hiep Commune of Hoi An city in Quang Nam Province. The occupation of the people of the islands is mainly fishing. Cu Lao Cham Islands’ ancient landscape offers many sand beaches, forested hills and the sea. Facilities for camping, swimming and scuba diving are available. The corals and marine life are an attraction in these island waters

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