Dalat Market

Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Lat, Vietnam
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The former market was built with wood in 1929 at the present Hoa Binh square. In 1937, a big fire destroyed the market totally. After that ambassador Lucien Auger planed a new market with bricks.
The market could meet the commercial demand for 6,500 people and it was considered as the symbol for the highland city. In the front of the market, we can see the bas-relief of minority boys and girls and the Latin saying where (perhaps) the name of Dalat came from: Dat Alis Laetitiam Alis Temperiem. This means bringing happiness to this person and freshness to the other. In 1958, according to the plan of Mayor Tran Van Phuoc, the market was redesigned. It has two floors. In 1993, on the occasion of Dalat 100 years of foundation and development, Dalat market was upgraded and restored as the present market.
Dalat Market is similar to many of Vietnam’s city markets and is an interesting place to spend a short while to feel the vibe of the real Vietnam. It is made up of more than 1,000 shops in a few multi-storey buildings. The busy market offers interesting goods, especially local produce from wine to flowers, meat to handicrafts and cosmetics to strawberries candy and household appliances.

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