Ecopark, Ha Noi, Vietnam
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Located in the southeast of Hanoi, on a scale of 500 ha, Eco park has an ideal location. Being endowed by nature and surrounded by the Red River and the Duong River, stretching over Bac Hung Hai River, creating lakes with an area of 100 ha, contributing to the environment and fresh air characteristic of the urban area market. This is a special project that almost exclusively in developing countries. Each major urban in the world is always famous for its river, and a measure of urban development is the ability to satisfy the needs of the landscape, daily needs, recreation for residents. With Eco park, Bac Hung Hai River smoothly flows through a fluted prominent advantages, not only to create atmosphere in the fresh cool, beautifying the landscape, but also as a basis for eco park to build highlighted projects such as Bac Hung Hai River, river – side attractions and the openly spaced villas.

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