Ede Village

Ede Village, Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam
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Ede Village is just 15km south of town, this tiny parcel is an ethnic enclave set up by the Vietnamese government, something like their own “Strategic Hamlet Program,” to deal with the perceived threat of splinter factions among ethnic minorities.
The first house you come to in the village is the town’s English-speaking family, and you’ll certainly want to see if anyone’s home. One of the younger kids gave me a quick tour of the village, explaining how extended families live in segregated longhouses on stilts and that you can tell how many nuclear families are in one household by the number of windows. Folks are friendly, even if seeming shy, and it’s okay to take pictures if you ask first. With my guide, I was able to talk with some of the lads — they wanted to know how much my camera cost and if I had a car. It feels like the village is set up for tourism, and it is (older ladies march out a few weavings they have on sale), but not too many tourists make it out this way, and the village is quite a welcoming place. Do not bring gifts or donations: However, if you plan to be in the area for any amount of time, find out what kind of needs there are and, with the help of a guide, offer some useful supplies (usually medicine or school supplies), but passing out bonbons or pens is not encouraged (even the village head himself asks visitors not to).

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