Elephant waterfall

Nam Ban, Da Lat, Vietnam
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Elephant waterfall is located in Nam Ban town – let, over 40km from Dalat. The waterfall has 30m in height and it lies on Cam Ly stream.
In the old time, wild animals love Ms. Biang, a nice daughter of Sre tribes chieftain, very much. When hearing that Ms. Biang was going to marry Mr.Lang – a good chieftain of Lach tribe, the whole flock of elephant was very pleased. They quickly came to attend the wedding. Unfortunately, when arriving current Elephant waterfall, they heard that Ms. Biang and Mr. Lang had died before they got married. Those elephants cried and screamed a lot. After a few day, they died and fossilized at the foot of the fall. Because of missing the elephants, The God of Langbiang Moutain cried a lot during many days. His tear mixed with the stream to console dead elephants. Since then, this place has had the name “Elephant waterfall”. Around the waterfall, we can see the primitive forests with the interesting caves and the ancient-trees.

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