Hang Duong Cemetery

Con Dao, Ba Ria- Vung Tau, Vietnam
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Hang Duong Cemetery is a memorial cemetery in Vietnam with the remains of independence fighters and prisoners who died at the Con Dao Prison.
The cemetery is situated near the prison on Con Son Island the largest island of the sixteen islands of the Con Dao archipelago. Many Vietnamese, war veterans, and former prisoners travel to the island to pay homage to the fallen at temple shrines and tombs. Many of the graves are unmarked but marked and numbered notable graves include those of Le Hong Phong, Nguyen An Ninh and Vo Thi Sau.
Some 20,000 Vietnamese prisoners died on Con Son and 1994 of their graves can be seen at the peaceful Hang Duong Cemetery, located at the eastern edge of town. Sadly, only 700 of these graves bear the name of the victims.
Today’s pilgrims come to burn incense and leave offerings at her tomb, mirrors, combs and lipstick (symbolic because she died so young). You may even encounter fruit, and meals of sticky rice and pork. In the distance behind the cemetery you’ll see a huge monument symbolising three giant sticks of incense.

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