Lat Village

Lat Village, Da Lat, Vietnam
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You’ll know that you’ve arrived here when you spot the concrete chicken statue in front of the village. There are a few different legends about the chicken depending who you talk to such as; this monument was built by the government to show its appreciation of the villagers for their input during the Vietnam War or; it was built for the memory of a young couple whose love was forbidden.
There are more stories but it really doesn’t matter about why and how the giant chicken got there. A visit to this minority village is truly an eye-opening look into the simple life of ordinary Vietnamese people who lead a very basic lifestyle with simple housing, a small school, plantations and farms.
The village is poor and there is no doubt that some folks here might try a little bit too hard to sell visitors their crafts and handmade products like blankets, cotton goods and local rice wine (similar to poitin). When not working on their land, many villagers work at home doing a bit of this and that to provide extra income for their families including traditional silk and cloth weaving.

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