Linh Son Pagoda

Hoang Hoa Tham str, Vung Tau, Vietnam
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Linh Son pagoda is not very spectacular when you discover it from the street, but is said to be the oldest of Vung Tau area, rebuilt in 1919, after the French occupied the land and built their houses.
is a very nice tower with a lotus flower motif on the roof, with hundred of gold painted Buddha statues is the most remarkable sight of this temple, with very elegant dragons above the entrance. A small garden at the back with lotus flowers is a nice place to have a rest for a while.
Inside are a number of statues of deities with rich paintings, where worshippers bring their gifts and burn incense sticks, a Buddha with a painted halo , a strange warrior with a long red tongue and many other statues; these painted statues are impressive; the main altar is not less impressive with its numerous gold plated statues.
It is really worth to visit inside for some time, watch people and be impressed by the rich decoration of this pagoda which, from outside looks just common until you see the square tower and its roof; you then want to go inside.

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