Nha Trang Beach

Tran Phu, Nha Trang, Vietnam
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Forming a magnificent sweeping arc, Nha Trang beach is 6km-long golden sand beach is the city’s trump card. Various sections are designated for swimmers, where you won’t be bothered by jet ski or boats. The turquoise water is fabulously inviting, and the promenade a delight to stroll. Two popular lounging spots are the Sailing Club and Louisiane Brewhouse. If you head south of here, the beach gets quieter and it’s possible to find a stretch of sand to yourself. The best beach weather is generally before 1pm, as the afternoon sea breezes can whip up the sand. During heavy rains, run-off from the rivers at each end of the beach flows into the bay, gradually turning it a murky brown. Most of the year, however, the sea is just like it appears in the brochures.

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