Old House of Phung Hung

4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai str, Hoi An, Vietnam
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The Old House of Phung Hung is one of the most famous architectural buildings in Hoi An, considered cultural heritage of the town. Visit this ancient home in Hoi An and enjoy the old-world charm.
The house is located at 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khan Street. It was built in 1780, when Hoi An was prospering, and it is a typical commercial house representative of Vietnam’s urban areas in the 19th century. Conferred the title of “National Historical and Cultural Site” in 1993, the house has kept many documents about the architecture, culture, art and lifestyle of the Hoi An’s business circle from the old days. Phung Hung House bears the popular style of the 19th century – tubular shape, with a wide façade. It is not as long as some other old-style houses, and it is mainly made of wood, with two stories and four roofs. Here you can see a unique blending of two different architectural styles. The different floors are designed in two different styles: the Japanese style of four-sided roof can be perceived in the ground floor, and the Chinese design of round shaped roofs that reflect a turtle shell is present in the upper floor. The ground floor used to be the shop. Today, it is the family’s living room, furnished with some wooden old-style cupboards containing many precious objects and belongings. The house has 80 columns made of precious wood. Each column stands on a lotus-shaped base in order to minimize subsidence and moisture for the house and to prevent termites from damaging it. There are square pillars on the veranda, and the roof is made of pan-tiles.

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