Princess Huyen Tran Temple

151 Thien Thai road, Hue, Vietnam
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About seven kilometers from the center of Hue City, the 28-hectare Huyen Tran Cultural Center at the foot of Ngu Phong Mountain is famous for its splendid landscapes and its sanctuary atmosphere for pilgrims to express love and gratitude to Princess Huyen Tran of the Tran Dynasty
The center is surrounded by an endless pine forest. In the temple, a 2.37-meter high statue of Princess Huyen Tran, seated on a throne, was cast in pure copper at the foot of Ngu Phong Mountain. At the top of the mountain, which is 108 meters above sea level, is the Hoa Binh bell-tower. On the copper bell, which weighs 1.6 tons and is 1.6 meters high, are engraved the words “peace world, happy humankind” meaning that the sound of the bell should bring peace to humankind.
From the top of Ngu Phong Mountain, tourists can catch a panoramic view of the city which is well-known for a lot of ancient relics. Construction is underway at Huyen Tran Cultural Center such as a Zen monastery of King Tran Nhan Tong, an orchid house, a calligraphy garden and houses for composing music, art, literature and preserving and studying documents on kings Tran Nhan Tong and Tran Anh Tong and Huyen Tran Princess

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