Son Tra Mountain

Son Tra dist, Da Nang, Vietnam
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Son Tra Mountain, known to American soldiers during the Vietnam War as Monkey Mountain, is a mountain located on Son Tra Peninsula, in Son Tra district, Da Nang, Vietnam, overlooking the Bay of Da Nang and the East Sea.
Da Nang Port’s Tien Sa Terminal is located at the base of the mountain’s western face, as is nearby Tien Sa Beach. A military base (now little used) is also located on the mountain.
Vietnam’s Monkey Mountain actually sprouts out from the cape like a mushroom. This lush national park is home to the rare red face monkey (hence the moniker) and stands 693 metres above sea level. The winding road around the mountain makes for nice motorbiking and you’ll experience the best views of the city. The view from the summit is stupendous and it’s not surprising that Monkey Mountain was used by the American military as a communications and observation base.
When the Americans left, the summit was taken over by the Vietnamese army. The only remains of the American presence are two radar domes, now used by the Vietnamese military and a no-go area for civilians. In recent years that the military has released its grip on the mountain so it’s possible for all to take in the views of the whole Danang area. But motorbikers beware; the road sometimes climbs at giddy angles and a powerful motor is needed to haul machine and riders to the summit.

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