Tra nhieu fishing village

Tra Nhieu Village, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Tra nhieu, a village of Duy Vinh commune, is located on Thu Bon river bank. This is a peaceful, romantic area where typical features of Vietnamese villages are now still maintained.
From Hoi An, by boat along Thu Bon river, 3km toward the southeast, you will reach the site. Here, you can enjoy fresh air, beautiful and poetic scenery. You can see all the village roads winding around local garden houses shaded by scented betel-nut trees. The further you walk through the village, the more peaceful and simple you feel about the local life. You can see some traditional handicrafts, community activities related to the river life. Tra Nhieu village has a wide range of livelihood such as farming, fishing, poultry and livestock breeding, mattress making…. Besides you can also enjoy some local specialties made with local ingredients

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Tra nhieu fishing village, a village of Duy Vinh commune, is located on Thu Bon river bank

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