Hoian Tours

Graceful, historic Hoi An is Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town. Once a major port, it boasts the grand architecture and beguiling riverside setting that befits its heritage, but the 21st-century curses of traffic and pollution are almost entirely absent. Hoi An owes its easygoing provincial demeanour and remarkably harmonious old-town character more to luck than planning. Had the Thu Bon River not silted up in the late 19th century – so ships could no longer access the town’s docks – Hoi An would doubtless be very different today. For a century, the city’s allure and importance dwindled until an abrupt rise in fortunes in the 1990s, when a tourism boom transformed the local economy. Yellow houses draped in bougainvillea, shopfronts lit with a glow of silk lanterns, fisher people hauling up baskets of slippery fish from their boats, life in old town Hoi An looks like a postcard of a classic Vietnamese riverside town. In 1999, the old town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in an effort to preserve its core of historic architecture, a stunning mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and European styles. The listing gave Hoi An the resources and impetus to better protect and maintain its buildings, and to market itself as a tourist destination. It worked, and the town now attracts visitors by the droves.
There is not better way to choose one of our Hoian tours and uncover the central Vietnam’s most enticingly laidback scenery and long white sand beaches.


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