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15 Best Things You Get from Being Volunteer in Vietnam – Cambodia: Experience the Life Changing.

Volunteering overseas is an amazing way to see the world. The chance to give something back, share your skills and knowledge and meet other travelers or simply to meet the locals, learn the foreign language….

1/ You Will Be Giving Something Back
A prominent reason why people volunteer is because they want to do something good for others. We work with communities based all over Vietnam and Cambodia focusing on the areas of water resource, education , childcare,  and conservation. We are sure there is a project to suit you.

2/ Use Your Skills to Benefit Others
Use your strengths to help others! Bring the skills you’d use during your 9-5 to the table and if you’re at school and have bundles of enthusiasm – ideal. Some of our projects do require a specific skill set but in general all we ask for is the want to succeed and make a difference!

3/ See a New Culture from the Inside
One of the greatest benefits of volunteering abroad is being able to spend an extended period of time in a new country. It’s a truly unique learning experience that will see you interacting with new cultures, trying out loads of awesome new food, speaking new languages and meeting new people. As a volunteer you will get a glimpse of the local culture, allowing you to become a traveler, rather than a tourist.

4/ Experience Personal Growth
Many volunteers come back from their experience and say they’ve evolved as a person. In most cases volunteers become more concerned and aware of the problems facing the world and once they’ve returned from a trip are usually more independent, more adventurous and more courageous – especially if it was their first independent trip.

5/Recognition, A Sense of Achievement and Feedback
Recognition of your efforts is another thing that keeps volunteers coming back again and again. Telling someone that they are doing a good job inspires confidence and pride, and it’s always great to see when you have completed building a house in Cambodia for example, or helped disable children or orphans in Vietnam! It reminds you that the work you are doing is important and that you are making a difference. All of our volunteering projects are aware of this and are genuinely grateful for the time and effort that i-to-i volunteers contribute to their cause.

6/ Learn New Things
Spending some time out abroad allows you to learn about interesting cultural differences, like what Vietnamese eat for breakfast or how Cambodian greet their friends! The world is filled with unique experiences but it’s easy to miss them if you’re just passing by; try your hand at spring roll, explore local customs and see if you can learn a little bit of the local lingo. It’s all part of the experience!

7/ Friendships, a New Family and Belonging
Making friends with other volunteers is a strong motive for many of those who choose to volunteer abroad. Many volunteers make lifelong friendships that come from working through difficulties and exploring new things together.

8/ Skills and Experience
Want to gain a whole new host of skills? By getting stuck in on one of our volunteering projects you will be picking up loads of handy new skill sets as you go, especially if you’re helping out on a project which is a little out of your comfort zone!

9/ See the Difference You Have Made
Stand back and take a look. Pausing to take a moment to see what you have achieved during your time away is an incredible experience!

10/ Do something out of your comfort zone
Life is about challenging yourself, so why don’t you try something a little different to what you’re used to?

11/ It will Be Bags of Fun
Whilst you’re embarking on your volunteering journey, you’re going to have loads of fun! Volunteer work can be hard work, but it is also great fun and extremely rewarding.

12/ Build Your CV
During your time away you’ll find out so much about yourself. You’ll learn new skills and build on your current experience, and all of the above is great for padding out your CV.

13/ Gain Confidence
Volunteering within a new community is sure to make sure confidence soar. Get stuck in and speak to the locals, make friends with your new volunteering friends and most importantly – throw yourself in the deep end!

14/ See and Do More
If you’re looking to tick Vietnam and Cambodia off your bucket list, then volunteering is a great way to see a country from the inside and actually get to grips with that place. By the time you’ve volunteered within a couple of communities you’ll be clocking up the volunteer hours in no time! The best thing is that everybody can make a difference.

15/ Prepare for your life to change
Most of our volunteers will come back and comment on how they see the world differently after their time away with us. Will you be one of them? Come join a volunteering trip with us!

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